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  Product Number Description Price Quantity Ordered
FX1103L FX1103L - Universal swivel hanger w rubber - 12-1/2'' Please Register
FX1104 FX1104 - Universal 3 hole rubber strap hanger 1-1/4'' x 5'' Please Register
FX1109 FX1109 - Universal speed bracket Please Register
FX1110 FX1110 - Universal 'C' Bracket 2-1/4'' x 3-1/8'' x 3-3/4'' Please Register
FX1111 FX1111 - Universal 5 hole rubber strap hanger 2'' x 7-1/2'' x 3/8'' thick Please Register
FX1113 FX1113 - GM bracket-Converter out. '86-'93 one bend Please Register
FX1114 FX1114 - GM tailpipe bracket '80-'92 Please Register
FX1115 FX1115 - Universal 3/8'' headed rod bracket w self tap screw Please Register
FX1116 FX1116 - Sentra Pulsar bracket- converter out. '87-'92 Please Register
FX1117 FX1117 - GM cars converter extension '86-'91 two Bends Please Register
FX1118 FX1118 - GM truck -dual pipe hanger -'88-'94 Please Register
FX1144 FX1144 - Honda pipe bracket - with two slotted mounting holes Please Register
FX1154 FX1154 - 2'' Clamp hanger with 2 adjustable bent headed 3/8'' rods Please Register
FX1157 FX1157 - Import car bracket Please Register
FX1160 FX1160 - 2-1/2'' Clamp hanger with 2 adjustable bent headed 3/8'' rods Please Register
FX1173 FX1173 - 5/16'' 'L' rod with bend for 2'' pipe Please Register
FX1190 FX1190 - Universal 'U' bracket 2-5/8'' x 2-1/2'' x 4-3/8'' Please Register
FX1200 FX1200 - Universal 9 hole mounting bracket Please Register
FX1201 FX1201 - Universal 6 hole single mounting bracket Please Register
FX1202 FX1202 - Universal 8 hole dual mounting bracket Please Register
FX1204 FX1204 - Universal 9 hole 'L' mounting bracket Please Register
FX1232 FX1232 - Universal rubber strap 'C' hanger Please Register
FX1235 FX1235 - Twin off set saddle for 2'' muffler clamps Please Register
FX2002 FX2002 - GM truck 'C' muffler hanger Please Register
FX213 FX213 - Nissan Car Muffler 5/16'' rod bracket Please Register
FX218 FX218 - 1/2'' HR Rod - Special Bend Please Register
FX6009 FX6009 - Headed 3/8'' rod hanger 90 - 2-7/16'' x 6-7/16'' long Please Register
FX6020 FX6020 - Cavalier Rod Bracket without tab Please Register
FX6020T FX6020T - Cavalier Rod Bracket with tab Please Register
FX6145 FX6145 - Headed rod hanger Straight - 3/8'' x 11'' long Please Register
FX6146 FX6146 - Headed 3/8'' rod hanger 90 - 1-15/16'' x 9'' long Please Register
FX683 FX683 - GM truck & vans '71-'93 spade bracket Please Register
FX684 FX684 - Ford truck 87-93 F150 250 2-1/4'' Clamp hanger Please Register
FX689 FX689 - Universal small swinger hanger 4-1/2'' long Please Register
FX690 FX690 - 2'' clamp hanger w 4'' headed rod Please Register
FX692 FX692 - 2'' clamp hanger bent 90 with headed rod Please Register



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